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Review: Stan’s Donuts

07/5/15 6:35 PM

259 E. Erie St. Suite 100
Chicago, IL 60611


Date of Visit

Stan’s Donuts – the name makes you think of an old-time fashion bakery where you can go and grab a coffee, a donut and have a good time with friends!

Well – it’s not far from the truth here. I came upon this bakery by way of a friend on Sunday afternoon. The location is perfect – right into the park across the street and directly connection to Northwesten Hospital.

The choices are many for what you want – and just by looking at the donuts, you know your AC1 (blood sugar) may go up a notch as these are REAL donuts – not those air-filled from Krispy Kreme – but real dough as you bite into them. Very scrumptious and dee-lish.

At the time we came upon this bakery – they had a special donut in the case called “Emily’s Donut.” I asked if this was a employee’s name and their favorite – no, I was told, it was named after Emily Beazley, a girl that was battling cancer for four years and had stolen the hearts from everyone in the city (and the nation to seems) – and the proceeds went towards a foundation set up for her battle.

How could anyone say no to buying a donut like this?

The staff was fun and friendly and the bakery was clean and tidy. They also have an area setup for wheelchairs.

About Emily – http://goo.gl/TU9jHy

stans2Emily’s Donut

Final Word

Would I go back? Yes (but Lakeview should be getting one soon!)
Do I recommend? Yes
My Grade: 4 out of 5




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